Young Directors – What does it mean to be a director?


A younger theatre pic

A director is like an architect…

It is hard to begin to explain the kind of impact that StoneCrabs Young Directors Programme is having on all of us. After each session, we feel a mixture of exhaustion and bliss. The work itself develops at such a speed that it leaves us no time to over-intellecutalise anything.

We are learning production and directing at the same time. Our task is to produce a festival and direct the plays that will feature in it. On Tuesdays, we sit down to talk about the production, evaluating the progress we have made so far, as well as planning the next steps towards our festival and future career. We are responsible for everything: fundraising, designing, marketing, printing, programming, copyright, press, casting, venues for rehearsals and the actual production of the shows (props, sets, stage management, etc). The list goes on. No wonder we feel overwhelmed…

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